PRE-LAUNCH VIDEO #1 SWIPE (Send July 23rd at 9am EST)

Subject Lines:
–  Top Marketers EXPOSE Their Business Model! (PURE Content!)
–  [WATCH]  Content-Packed Video EXPOSING
–  How to Create Multiple Streams of Traffic & Income!
–  IM Business Model EXPOSED [Training Video 1 of 3]


This is some POWERFUL stuff!

I just finished watching a video that seriously gave
me an ‘A HA’ moment.

Watch this…
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Its so important that in order to create a SUSTAINABLE
business and income online you NEED to generate
revenue from MULTIPLE income streams.

What happens if you relied on ONE stream of traffic
or income?

…and that traffic / income stream dries up?

Scary to think about….but its what A LOT of marketers
are doing.

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Check out this video as Mark Thompson, a well-known
internet marketer, shares his business strategy and system
for creating multiple sources of short-term and long-term

He basically opens the door and shows you exactly how
and why he is able to maintain a multiple six-figure a year

I promise after watching this video, it will make you really
stop and think about your own business!

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To Your Online Success,

PRE-LAUNCH VIDEO #2 SWIPE (Send July 24th at 9am EST) 

Subject Lines:
–  Access JV Partners + Resources You NEVER Had Before!
–  Want JVs to Promote YOU? Watch What You NEED To Do…
–  [HOT] Learn the “JV Acceleration Method” (Training)
–  JV Acceleration Method [Training Video 2 of 3]

Hey [Firstname],

Mark Thompson and Ricky Mataka JUST released
their 2nd of 3 Six-Figure Mastermind training videos.

I literally JUST finished watching the  “JV Acceleration
Method”…and had to tell you guys about it.

CRAZY value these guys are just giving away!

Watch it Here >>
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Mark teaches the EXACT strategy he used to get top
affiliates to promote his very first product launch, when
he was a “newbie” and didn’t know ANYONE!

I’m kicking myself, that I didn’t do this when I started….

Learn his ‘JV Acceleration Method’ strategy…

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After watching this…makes you realize how important
relationship building is if you want to be successful

To Your Online Success,

PRE-LAUNCH VIDEO #3 SWIPE  (Send July 25th at 9am EST)

Subject Lines:
–  5 Pillars to Building an IM Empire (Watch This..)
–  5 Pillars to Building an IM Empire [Training Video 3 of 3]

Over the last 3 days, Internet Entrepreneur, Mark Thompson
took you inside his Six Figure business and showed you
exactly how he is able to create multiple streams of PASSIVE
income online.

If you missed the videos, check them out…

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However today he has a brand new video that he JUST
released called the “5 Pillars to Building an IM Empire”.

I just finished watching it and it is TOTALLY worth checking

He talks about 5 core components that are essential for
any Internet Marketer or Entrepreneur to have in order to

Watch the Video >> <Insert Affiliate Link Here>

What I love is how direct and to the point Mark is with all
of his training videos.

NO Fluff, NO BS…just straight content – tell it how it is!

Love it…make sure you go now before the training gets
taken down for good.

To Your Online Success,

P.S. Just to give you a quick heads up, TOMORROW Mark
and his partner Ricky are going to be officially opening up
their Six Figure Mastermind coaching program to the public.

They will be accepting a limited number of students would are
SERIOUS about creating a LONG-TERM business online, so
make sure you check it out tomorrow at 12pm EST!

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LAUNCH SWIPE #1 – Six Figure Mastermind LIVE Angle (Send July 26th at 12pm EST)

Subject Lines:
–  Six Figure Mastermind is LIVE, Go..Go..Go!
–  [LIVE] Best IM Coaching Program EVER?
–  No BS IM Coaching…Students Wanted (Go NOW!)

As you are reading this, Six Figure Mastermind JUST

This has been one of the most anticipated, talked about
launches of 2012, as two of the most respected marketers
in the industry are taking on SERIOUS students ready to
build their very own SUSTAINABLE Six-Figure business.

Doors Are OPEN!  >> <Insert Affiliate Link Here>

Over the last 3 days, Mark & Ricky have been giving
away some of their BEST strategies for how they are
generating a profitable, long-term income online.

Well FINALLY its YOUR turn!

Stop buying product after product with NOTHING to show
from it (It’s happened to us all!).

Have two of the best walk you through their 12 week core
training/coaching program w/ LIVE weekly webinar and
ongoing support to help you achieve your goals.

Accepting Students (GO NOW….)
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I thought they were CRAZY when I saw how affordable
this professional coaching/mastermind program was!

Believe me….it will pay for itself 100x over.

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Hurry, as they are going to be closing down the doors
soon and not accepting any more students.

To Your Online Success,

LAUNCH SWIPE #2 – Mentor Angle (Send July 26th at 12pm EST)

Subject Lines:
–  95% of Top Marketers Have a Mentor…Do You? (read this)
–  Kern, Filsaime, Deiss, Brunson…All Have WHAT in Common?

You’ve heard it from the best…Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime,
Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Alex Jeffrey’s, Eban Pagan,
the list goes on…

What do they all have in common?

…They all had/have MENTORS!

They all admit that without having mentors surrounding them
in their businesses, they would be LIGHT YEARS behind where
they are currently at.

FACT:  A mentor can help you minimize failure and maximize

FACT:  A mentor can keep you on the right path and give you
strategic, long-term direction in your business.

FACT:  A mentor can provide opportunities, relationships, and
resources that you would not have had otherwise.

FACT:  Investing in a mentor is ESSENTIAL for success!

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Two highly respected and Six-Figure Internet Marketers, Mark
Thompson and Ricky Mataka JUST opened the doors to their
new Six Figure Mastermind coaching program.

With over 15 years of experience between them, they
have successfully help hundreds of students achieve financial

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I know personally, I have had multiple mentors during
my professional career…and I wouldn’t trade ANYTHING
for the time, investment, and knowledge I was able to extract.

To Your Online Success,

P.S.  New students are being accepted for the next 7 days
ONLY!  so you better go now, before they close the doors.

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LAUNCH SWIPE #3 – Struggling Marketer Angle (Send July 26th at 12pm EST)

Subject Lines:
–  STOP Buying Product After Product!
–  Still Struggling to Make It Online? This is why…
–  Ready to FIRE Your Boss?  (Watch This)


Let me guess, you have purchase product after product
…with nothing to show from it?

God knows I’ve purchase literally hundreds of IM products
over the years.….each product promising to make me
millions of dollars from the push of a button.

Thousands of dollars down the drain with nothing to show
from it….until now!

I had the opportunity to gain early ACCESS to Mark Thompson
and Ricky Mataka’s Six Figure Mastermind coaching program.

Blew Me Away!  Check it out…
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These two guys have worked with some of the biggest names
in the IM business and make MILLIONS online.

Finally after literally HUNDREDS of struggling marketers requesting
their help, they have put together the most comprehensive
coaching program EVER!

Accepting Students NOW >> <Insert Affiliate Link Here>

Gain access to:

– 12 weeks of core training w/ LIVE follow-up Webinars
–  Live Webinars Each Month (after 12 weeks)
–  Private Community Forum
–  Video Q&A where they answer YOUR questions
–  Updated Private Blog with New Tips, Tricks and Tactics
–  Exclusive Facebook Group
–  and a TON more…

Mark and Ricky understood that most marketers or entrepreneurs
who are looking to build a sustainable business…don’t have hundreds
or thousands to invest into a mentorship.

…but here is the best part….

You can have access to this private mastermind/coaching program
for UNDER $1/day!

Yeah, I thought they were crazy to for delivering such value
at an unbelievable price.

Now you have NO REASON not to have personal coaches there
to provide you the blueprint to success online.

The bad part is they are only accepting new students for 7 days
ONLY, so you need to TAKE ACTION now before they close down
the doors.

Go NOW >> <Insert Affiliate Link Here>

To Your Online Success,

LAUNCH SWIPE #4 – Product Launch Angle (Send July 26th at 12pm EST)

Subject Lines:
–  6 Figure Launch in 7 Days…How’d He Do It?
–  Want to Generate 100k in 7 Days? (Secret EXPOSED)

How nice would it be to generate six-figures in under
a week?

Crazy to think that its possible…but GUESS WHAT

…it is and it could happen to you next!

Two expert marketers and product creators who have launched
multiple 6 figure products have JUST opened the doors
to their Six Figure Mastermind coaching program.

Watch this:
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Inside the Membership they reveal…

–  The Secrets to Creating and Launching a 6 Figure Product

–  A 12 Week Core Training w/ LIVE Webinars to provide you
everything you need to replicate their success!

–  Ongoing mentoring and coaching along the way – answering
questions, offering advice and providing you the right path to

The best part about it, is you can belong to a mastermind of
like-minded mentors and students for UNDER $1 per day!

However you have to hurry, because the Six Figure Mastermind
program will be open for 7 days, then its going to hit the ground
running, training and coaching its students to financial freedom
and creating their own sustainable online business.

This is something you can’t afford to miss…I’m telling you.

Just watch the video and you will see what I mean.

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To Your Online Success,